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Can I start the service anytime of the season?

Yes; we can start anytime we will explain how we will make your lawn beautiful.

I have a company who maintains my property can I still use the wizard?

Yes; most of our customers have services who maintain the property

Can the maintenance company cut the lawn soon after you treat it?

Yes; this is a big misconception the lawn can be mowed right after we treat it. The products we use are not picked up my the mower. We can follow up if needed 10 days after the treatment.

Can I stop your service during the season?

Yes; you may stop the service during the season.

Are your products safe?

Yes; all fertilizers are organic I will explain this another part of this website. All the pesticides are used in the world of agriculture. They are safe when used correctly. We suggest you keep pets and children off the lawn for 24 hours.

Do I need to water after your treatment?

Yes; we ask you to water the night or next day of the service. Some of the products are liquid which need time to dry to work better. I will have more information about watering on this website.

Can you just use only organic products?

Yes; We use a lot of organic products and can accommodate your wishes (we are wizards) using only organic products needs to be explained and will be happy to answer any questions regarding this.

When is the best time to water?

The best time to water is at sunrise. Not practical for most of us. A sprinkler system takes the chore of thinking and doing the work of watering. Each zone of the system is set at 20-30 minutes every other day. The time to start your system depends on when you want it done. Example; you take a shower at 6am so need the sprinkler system due by 5:30 there are 6 zones each on for 30 minutes which equals 3 hours. You start the system at 2:30. Those of us who are watering with a hose and sprinkler we water before 10am then after sunset. Each area for an hour. Oh if this is not convenient then water anytime you can. Please note each home has its own soil which can be very different then your neighbors and how the soils. Water is very important for healthy turf and plants.